September 7, 2015


Parker Academics would like to thank all of you who attempted our Math Whiz Challenge.  You put up a most valiant fight.  Yet, in the end, two have prevailed!  We would like to congratulate Michael Grandel of Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York an...

Hello Math Whizzes!


Welcome to Parker Academics' first SAT Math Whiz Challenge, the first of many competitive math challenges leading to a yearly SAT Math Whiz Tournament!  For those of you who love a good math challenge, or who simply want to sharpen your SAT math ski...

Most of the criticism levelled at the SAT can be summed up as follows: the test is incommensurate with, and therefore, does not fully measure, what students learn in the classroom.  The need to have a test that is universally reflective of students’ scholastic experien...

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