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ACT Tutoring


The frequency with which students take the ACT has steadily increased over the past decade.  Generally, schools accept the ACT as well as the SAT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement of the application.  Although the two tests have some important difference in structure and content, the majority of the skills you will need to master the SAT, you will also need for the ACT.  Our ACT prep tutors are not only the most gifted in New York City, they have received unique and extensive training to help students not simply improve their scores, but even more, to think in the language of the test.  Visit for more information about the test.

Test Structure


Section                       Time              Composition and Quantity       Maximum Score


English                       45 min           75 questions—7 passages                      36


Math                          60 min            60 questions                                           36


Reading                     35 min            40 questions—4 passages                      36


Science                      35 min            40 questions—7 passages                      36


Essay (optional*)       30 min                                                                        12 (Not included in composite)


                                                                  Highest Composite Score             36

*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the February test date.


You may register for the ACT at The fee for the test is $85 without the essay and $101.50 with the essay.  There is a $37 surcharge for international students.

Tutoring Plan

Test plans are based on prior ACT or PLAN scores (if available), diagnostic assessment and the student’s higher education goals.  Students may condense tutoring sessions into 2-3 days per week over the course of 1-2 months, or once per week over 4-6 months.  We base our recommendations on what will ensure the greatest level of success for the student.  Tutoring sessions are generally 2 hours, as this time frame allows for depth of coverage and helps the student to build stamina for test day.


Testing Plan

The diagnostic assessment, the tutoring plan and college application deadlines determine the student’s testing plan.  Testing serves two purposes.  First, taking a full-length test in the actual setting is itself a valuable part of the student’s training.  The student is able to achieve the comfort of familiarity, learns how to manage anxiety, and builds the capacity for remaining alert and intellectually engaged under pressure.  Second, the test indicates the degree to which a student has mastered the material.  We consider all these factors when structuring the student’s testing plan.



The PLAN is the preliminary and shorter version of the ACT.  Therefore, there is no difference between training for the PLAN and that for the ACT.  Typically for high school juniors, preparation for the PLAN and the actual taking of the test are integrated into the student’s overall ACT tutoring and testing plans.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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