Our Tutors


Our tutors have graduated from elite institutions, and have a track record of academics and professional excellence. We conduct rigorous, multi-tiered screenings to find only the most gifted, accomplished, effective and engaging candidates.  We can guarantee that all of our tutors: (1) are absolute experts in the standardized test(s) or course subject(s) they are tutoring; (2) are top scoring, highly credentialed and accomplished; (3) have a passion for helping students succeed; (4) are engaging and inspirational human beings.  In addition, our tutors undergo comprehensive training in our methods.  The defining feature of this training and our pedagogy is that we get substantial, rapid and enduring results by transforming your child’s entire disposition, training her or him to be a thoughtful, strategic and fearless problem solver.  Meet some of our tutors below:




My name is Ross Boltyanskiy. I was born in Ukraine but have spent most of my life in the United States. I love both teaching and learning! I appreciate the beauty in the world around us, which I sometimes see through math and physics. I hope to empower my students to excel in whatever subject they choose and also help them build a bit of the appreciation I feel.

Ross Boltyanskiy, PhD

Yale University

     PhD in Physics, specializing in 

     biomechanical physics

University of Chicago

     BS in Mathematics

     BA in Physics (Honors)

Sophia Liu

Harvard University

     PhD Candidate in Biophysics


     BS in Chemical-Biological Engineering

     Minor in Biology

Sophia Liu hails from Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2013 for an undergraduate degree in Chemical-Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is now pursuing a PhD in Biophysics at Harvard University as well a certificate with Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology's (HST) Medical Engineering and Medical Physics Program (MEMP). Sophia radiates curiosity and hopes to dedicate her life to research and teaching in academia as a professor. She believes in sharing her love of learning with her students, and has had years of teaching experience -- ranging from tutoring one-on-one, teaching small classes of high school students, to assisting a class for the MIT-Educator program on pedagogy. In her free time, she enjoys skiing and concocting cheesy puns. 

Marisa Kent

Boston University

     BA in English Literature

     minor in Sociology

One of Parker Academics' foremost experts in the written word, Marisa comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience as an educator, writing consultant and curriculum developer.  Through her patient, encouraging approach, she has helped students of all learning styles succeed on the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, SSAT and the Hunter Exam.  

Chando Yun

Williams College

     BA in Music


     MA in Music Composition


Chando was born and raised in South Korea. Despite his late arrival in the States at the age of 13, he quickly overcame his cultural and linguistic barriers to thrive academically at one of California’s premier college-prep boarding schools. With a near perfect GPA and SAT score, he gained admission to Williams College, where he majored in music. It was during his time at Williams that he began to dive into the world of academic tutoring, providing weekly mentorship for students of varying skill levels at local middle and high schools. After Williams, he continued to sharpen his teaching acumen by tutoring for numerous agencies in Southern California and NYC, specializing in standardized test prep. Chando is equally at home providing guidance for specialized secondary school exams and college entrance exams. He recently earned his graduate degree in music composition from NYU and continues to work as a freelance composer/producer when he is not tutoring.