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Standard Rates

Sessions start at $200/hour.  You have the option of paying as you go or purchasing packages in increments of 10.  Discounts are also available retroactively.  If, for example, you purchase a package of 10, but decide at the completion of the 10 you would like 10 additional sessions, not only would you receive the discount consistent with the 20-session package, but this discount would be applied to the full 20 sessions.  For one-on-one tutoring, families with more than one child may combine sessions in order to receive relevant discounts.  We also have incentives for successful referrals.  The chart below outlines our discount options.  Feel free to email or call us for more detailed information concerning rates and scheduling.  Click the following link to learn more about our financial assistance program: Sliding Scale Scholarship.

Number of Sessions*       Discount

0-9                                     No discount applied

10-19                                 5%**

20-29                                 10%

30-39                                 15%

40+                                    25%


*A session is defined as 1.5 or more hours of tutoring or teaching per appointment.

**All percentages apply to the hourly base rate of $200.

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