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SAT 2 Subject Test Tutoring



SAT 2 Subject Tests help colleges and universities determine students’ content-readiness in particular subject areas.  Many competitive colleges and universities require two or more SAT 2 Subject Test scores as a part of the total application.  Scores on the tests range from 200 (lowest) to the maximum of 800.  Each test costs $26.  Visit for details about dates that specific tests are offered.  Our SAT II tutors are the finest in the industry and have helped hundreds of students reach the top percentile.  Visit the SAT 2 section of the College Board site for more information.  Below is a list of all the tests that we tutor.



Biology E/M



U.S. History

World History

Mathematics Level 1

Mathematics Level 2




Modern Hebrew



French with Listening

German with Listening

Spanish with Listening

Chinese with Listening

Japanese with Listening

Korean with Listening


Tutoring Plan

We generate our tutoring plan recommendations based on the student’s diagnostic assessment, previous SAT 2 scores (if available) and the student’s higher education goals.  Students may meet 2-3 days per week for shorter periods of time (1-2 months) or once per week over the course of 4 to 6 months.  Our recommendations are based on what will ensure the greatest level of success for the student.  Tutoring sessions generally last 2 hours, as this time frame allows for depth of coverage and helps the student to build stamina for the test.



Tutors tailor homework assignments to a student’s particular needs.  Students receive weekly homework based on problem areas.  A combination of weekly homework and regular tutoring sessions allows students to assess their own difficulties and build momentum. 


Testing Plan

The diagnostic assessment, the tutoring plan and college application deadlines determine the student’s testing plan.  Testing serves two purposes.  First, taking a full-length test in the actual setting is itself a valuable part of the student’s training.  The student is able to achieve the comfort of familiarity, learns how to manage anxiety, and builds the capacity for remaining alert and intellectually engaged under pressure.  Second, the test indicates the degree to which a student has mastered the material.  We consider all these factors when structuring the student’s testing plan.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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