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ISEE Tutoring


The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is used in admissions decisions for students seeking to gain admission to competitive elementary, middle and high schools.  Many middle school and early high school students are grossly unfamiliar with the type of logical rigor required to do well on the ISEE.  Aware of this fact, Parker Academics' ISEE test prep tutors train students in New York City and beyond to become the content and think in the language of the test.  We consider ISEE training a critical rite of passage for teaching students how to reason in ways that will be beneficial for the SAT, ACT, and demanding college and graduate school curriculums.  Contact individual schools to determine whether or not they require ISEE scores and if so, what their average scores are for new admits.


The test has three different levels, in ascending order of difficult and grade:


Test Level            Entering Grade

Elementary           5 and 6

Middle Level        7 and 8

Upper Level          9-12

Test Structure

The test is three hours long and has 5 sections, one of which is an unscored essay.  Although the essay is not scored and does not factor into the final scores, all schools to which a student sends score reports will automatically receive a copy of the essay.  The following chart outlines the particulars of the test:




Section                                    Number of Questions                 Time

Verbal Reasoning                                 34                                    20 min

Quantitative Reasoning                        38                                    35 min

Reading Comprehension                      25                                    25 min

Math Achievement                               30                                    30 min

Essay                                              Unscored                               30 min

                                                        127 total                 2 hours 20 min


Middle Level


Section                                    Number of Questions                 Time

Verbal Reasoning                                40                                     20 min

Quantitative Reasoning                       37                                     35 min

Reading Comprehension                     36                                     35 min

Math Achievement                              47                                     40 min

Essay                                              Unscored                               30 min

                                                       160 total                           2 hours 40 min

Upper Level

Section                                      Number of Questions                    Time

Verbal Reasoning                                  40                                      20 min

Quantitative Reasoning                         37                                      35 min

Reading Comprehension                       36                                      35 min

Math Achievement                                47                                      40 min

Essay                                               Unscored                                 30 min

                                                        160 total                          2 hours 40 min


Unlike the SSAT and the SAT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers.  Therefore, students should never leave any questions blank.  Like the SSAT, however, the ISEE has multiple sets of scores.

Scaled Score

The scaled score ranges from 760-940.

Percentile Score

Applicants receive a percentile score that is based on the past 3 years of applicants to the same grade.  Unlike the percentile scores for the SSAT, the ISEE percentile scores do not take gender into consideration.


Percentile Rank Stanine

Percentile rank stanine scores are also calculated.

1-3         1

4-10       2

11-22     3

23-39     4

40-59     5

60-76     6

77-88     7

89-95     8

96-99     9



The online registration fee for the ISEE is $100.  You may also register via phone, fax or mail for an additional fee.  Visit to register.  

Tutoring Plan

We prepare students extensively for the rigors of all portions of the ISEE.  Students meet either 2-3 days per week for shorter periods of time (1-2 months) or once per week over the course of 4-6 months.  The tutoring plan is contingent upon our initial assessments and the student’s particular needs.  Our recommendations are based on what will ensure the greatest level of success for the student.  Tutoring sessions generally last 2 hours, as this time frame allows for depth of coverage and helps the student to build stamina for test day.



Tutors tailor homework assignments to a student’s particular needs.  Students receive weekly homework, which consists of practice tests, problem sets and daily vocabulary work.  A combination of weekly homework and regular tutoring sessions allows students to assess their own difficulties and build momentum. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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