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Our Method


Parker Academics holds that the most effective and rapid way to help a student achieve superior standardized test scores and grades is not simply to fill gaps in her or his knowledge, but more significantly, to train the entire human being to be a thoughtful, strategic and fearless problem solver.  For, when students acquire such a disposition, not only will they achieve top scores, particularly on standardized tests and difficult course material, but they will also have the personal and intellectual resources to solve any sort of problem: academic, professional or personal.  Combining anthropological theories of learning, neuroscience and existential psychoanalysis, our approach extends the concept of “brain training” to include all dimensions of personhood.  Because we aim to positively influence the whole student, we conduct selective, multi-tiered screenings for tutors, choosing those who are not only highly credentialed test prep and academic subject experts with a track record of effectiveness, but who are also caring, encouraging and inspirational human beings.  It is our signature combination of innovative rigor and caring that animates every tutoring session and class.  


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