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NY State ELA and Math Exam Tutoring


Since its inception, Parker Academics has helped elementary and middle school students achieve excellence on their end-of-year ELA and math state examinations.  Our nationally recognized Common Core specialist and team of seasoned elementary and middle school educators are dedicated to providing private, small group and class sessions that are not only rigorous, but also fun and engaging.


In September of 2015, we launched our New Horizons program, which is a game-based approach developed to assist students in ELA and math state exams, the SHSAT and the SSAT.  Based on neuroscientific insights, New Horizons acknowledges that when learning stimulates multiple centers of the brain simultaneously, students do not simply remember information; that information becomes an integrated part of their entire reasoning process.


The New Common Core Standards

The Common Core is designed to ensure that students are able to succeed in real-world applications of academic material.  Because Common Core is relatively new, many teachers struggle to help students master the new standards.  Our team of specialists are trained to fill this potential void in students' learning.  We also are able to  support teachers who wish to become more effective in delivering Common Core-based curriculum.

Visit Engage New York for more information about the exams and Common Core standards.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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