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Hunter College High School Entrance Exam Tutoring

The Hunter College High School (HCHS) Entrance Exam is the sole criteria for admission to Hunter College High School, a school for intellectually gifted students who are residents of New York City.  The only entry year is the 7th grade.  Even though HCHS is a high school, it serves students from grades 7-12.  The only way for a student to be eligible to take the test is to achieve a certain cut-off score on the state-administered verbal and math exams in the 5th grade; the cut-off score varies from year to year.  Students at independent or parochial schools must have scored in the 90th percentile on comparable tests administered at their own schools.  Visit the HCHS website for more information.



Section                               Content

English Language Arts        50 multiple choice

                                              -Reading comprehension


Math                                   30 multiple choice

Essay                                  1 prompt


Unlike many standardized tests, there are not individual parcels of time for the Hunter test.  Students are given a block of 3 hours to complete all test sections in any order chosen.  Students must, therefore, be very aware of pacing.

Be sure to visit for more information about the Hunter Entrance Exam.

Tutoring Plan

We prepare students extensively for the rigors of the math, verbal and writing portions of the test.  Only the top 500 scorers will have their essays read by the English faculty.  Of this 500 only the top 170 or so essay scorers will be offered admission.  To account for the importance of the essay, Parker Academics has designed an especially innovative writing program as part of our Hunter test preparation.  We utilize resources from our Writing Department to engage students in an advanced writing apprenticeship so that their essays are sure to have the wow factor.  It is this wow factor that will increase our students’ chances of admission to Hunter. 


Students meet either 2-3 days per week for shorter periods of time (1-2 months) or once per week over the course of 4 to 6 months.  All is contingent upon our initial assessments and the student’s particular needs.  Our recommendations are based on what will ensure the greatest level of success for the student.  Tutoring sessions generally last 2 hours, as this time frame allows for depth of coverage and helps the student to build stamina for test day.



Tutors tailor homework assignments to a student’s particular needs.  Students receive weekly homework, which consists of practice tests, problem sets and daily vocabulary work.  A combination of weekly homework and regular tutoring sessions allows students to assess their own difficulties and build momentum. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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