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Hunter College High School Exam COURSE (Remote)--ENROLL TODAY

Meet One of Your

Outstanding Teachers

Two top scoring, Ivy League-educated, seasoned experts teach you all the testing strategies, content and tricks for achieving a superior score on the Hunter Exam.  Rigorous, yet fun, the course is a perfect way to master the Hunter Exam in three months.  Enroll today.

Course Features

  • Fun and engaging teachers and curriculum

  • Diagnostic exam with detailed feedback

  • 12 full-length exams (includes diagnostic)

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • 21 hours of essay and reading preparation

  • 21 hours of mathematics preparation

42 total hours of preparation for only $900.  This is an average cost of $21.42/hour, which is the best deal in New York City.  If you enroll before September 23rd, you only pay $800. 

You have two payment options:

1. Discounted Rate of $800: Make the first payment of $400 by September 23rd.  Make the second payment of $400 by October 1st.

2. Regular Rate of $900: Make the first payment of $450 by October 1st.  Make the second payment of $450 by October 8th.


Yale University

PhD in Physics

M. Phil in Physics

M.A. in Physics

University of Chicago

BS in Physics

BS in Mathematics

Expertise: SHSAT, ISEE, Hunter Exam, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, physics, mathematics, writing, reading comprehension

Ross Boltyanskiy, PhD

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Sundays, 12-3pm

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