• Darian M. Parker, PhD

Summer Productivity and Admissions Decisions

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the summer! In addition to a time of much needed rest and recreation, summer is also a time to remain productive and get prepared for the upcoming school year. In the spirit of preparation and productivity, I’d like to offer some practical summer tips for helping to ensure that our students continue to thrive:

1. Collaborative Reading

Choose a topic that your family members (especially your children) find fascinating. Select one or two books on the subject and read these as a family—almost like a mini-book club. Doing so will help inspire or maintain a love for reading.


This website has many truly compelling news articles for young adults and teens. Each article has embedded vocabulary words, each of which is clickable, so that students can learn new words in context. I’ve found that the site is a fun way for students to rapidly increase their vocabulary knowledge!

3. Test Preparation: Over the summer, students have a lot more time to focus on preparing for tests they will be taking in the upcoming year. Use this time for a complete immersion in test preparation—yet, involve the whole family. Hold weekly teach-back sessions in which your child explains to the family how to do a particular type of math problem, or reason through a difficult analogy question. Inhabiting the role of teacher/presenter is a great way for students to accelerate mastery!

While many of you are preparing for exams, there are a number of you who are all done, and have some really exciting success stories to share! We’d all like to know where our students have been admitted for the 2019-2020 school year. Please share your successful admissions decisions with us!

As always, our line remains open if you have any questions about testing, academic preparation or admissions.

I hope that you all enjoy a summer full of fun, excitement and productivity!


Darian Marcel Parker, PhD

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