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Announcing the SAT Math Whiz Challenge! (1st challenge is at the bottom of the page)

Hello Math Whizzes!

Welcome to Parker Academics' first SAT Math Whiz Challenge, the first of many competitive math challenges leading to a yearly SAT Math Whiz Tournament! For those of you who love a good math challenge, or who simply want to sharpen your SAT math skills, these questions are designed to make you into thoughtful, strategic, fearless problem solvers.

Here is how it all works:

Individual Math Whiz Challenges

  • Periodically, we will disseminate a math challenge question.

  • You have to submit an answer with a detailed explanation (There is no need to write an essay; you need only be clear and thorough.).

  • The first 100 correct submissions will be officially acknowledged on the Parker Academics website and social media engines.

  • The participant with the best explanation will be featured on the website, along with a personal photograph and short biography.

Math Whiz Tournament

  • Individuals with the most correct answers/explanations for all individual challenges will get an opportunity to compete in a yearly tournament.

  • For the tournament you will have a set of five questions to complete, not just one.

  • The person who furnishes the most correct answers/explanations the quickest wins!

  • The tournament winner will receive website recognition and a $200 prize.


  • You must meet requirements below

-Not be beyond the age of 19

-Not have entered your first year of college.

*You will have to provide formal proof of your age—that means no math professors or theoretical physicists!

  • Abide by the honor code:

Submission Instructions (Follow to the letter!)

  • Visit

  • Click on the tab labeled “Contact”.

  • In the “Name” line type your first and last name in .

  • In the “Subject” line type “MATH WHIZ CHALLENGE” in

  • In the body of the message paste or compose (the former is much easier) your explanation.

Best of Luck!

Now scroll down to meet your first challenge….

In triangles ABC and XYZ, line segments AC and XZ have the same length. ABC and XYZ converge, such that AC and XZ form the new segment, AZ, which becomes a single diagonal of the resulting polygon AYZB. In this new figure, the following conditions hold true:

  • Angles YAZ and AZB exist in a ratio of 2 to 3, respectively

  • Angles BAZ and AZY exist in a ratio of3 to 4, respectively

  • AB and BZ are perpendicular

  • AY and YZ are perpendicular

  • The length of side YZ is 1.

Find the area of the polygon. Explain your answer in detail. For decimal answers, please round to the nearest thousandth.

Question Consultants: Darian M. Parker, Spencer Kim, Juan Bermudez, Mario Fanas and Kevin Maldonado.

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